About Dairyland Quilting

Dairyland Quilting carries finished quilts, unfinished quilt tops, quilted table runners, fabrcs, notions, and more. Made in Wisconsin USA.

There is no such thing as too much fabric!

Laura Jean Warnke - Dairyland QuiltingLaura Jean Warnke here!

Does anyone else wake up in a panic thinking they don’t have enough fabric in their stash? I do!

A little history about Dairyland Quilting…

I started sewing when I was about 7 or 8. With guidance from my mom I started with doll clothes, worked my way up to clothing for myself, and then on to quilts. My mom and I used to do craft shows in the 1980’s and 90’s.

One of my more notable and very cool accomplishments is having made wall quilts for Walt Disney World back in 2000 and 2001. I had a website back then called “Fiber Expressions”. I wish I had kept the domain! Anyway, back when most computers were on dial-up I started that website and uploaded little 2″-3″ photos of various wall quilts for sale. The site loaded slowly, but amazingly enough I was contacted by a buyer for Walt Disney World.

My mom and I made 5 foot square wall quilts in Bear Paw and Grandmothers Fan patterns. We made a bunch of them as they were going to be hung in the condos at Disney’s Old Key West resort. I doubt they would still be there this many years later as the Florida sun can do a number on fabric. Anyway… I did keep sewing throughout the years, but as it happens, sometimes life opens a new chapter. For me it was the birth of my son.

I took a hiatus…

After my son was born I took about a 15 year hiatus from quilting much of anything. One day about two years ago, out of sheer frustration and thinking I would probably not ever do much more sewing, I cleaned out the closet with my 20-year old fabric stash and took it to a quilt shop rummage sale to get rid of it. Now some of you might have just gasped reading that, but I thought that is what I needed to do at the time. I did sell a bunch of it and what was left I just kept staring at thinking how maybe I shouldn’t get rid of it.

So I kept what was left. Then I thought, “Well why don’t I just make something small?” to see if I still want to do any quilting.

It turns out I still have a lot of quilts to make in this lifetime. So now am back in my sewing room and loving it!


These days I love working with bold batik fabrics. The bright fun colors make me happy and I hope they make you happy too! I wake up dreaming about what the next finished quilt top will look like and always have one or two in progress. Imagine what another year brings.

I currently sell on Ebay and Etsy under the moniker of “Dairyland Quilting”.

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