Why Buy An Unfinished Quilt Top?

Do people really buy unfinished quilt tops? Yes, indeed! Find out many of the reasons you might want to buy just the top of the quilt. So, why wouldn’t you just buy a finished quilt and be done with everything? Not everyone thinks the same way and I thought I would share with you some possible […]

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What Exactly Is An Unfinished Quilt Top?

Find out my definition of an unfinished quilt top vs. a finished quilt and why you would want to buy one. So, once in a while I receive an email message from a potential buyer asking what exactly an unfinished quilt top is. They want to know what they will actually be receiving from me if […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Dairyland Quilting! This is the future home of my quilts and blog about quilting. I started selling my quilts on Ebay about 9 months ago and now sell on both Ebay and Etsy under the moniker of “Dairyland Quilting”. I love to work with bright bold batiks and incorporate them with traditional quilt […]

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