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Welcome to Dairyland Quilting!

This is the future home of my quilts and blog about quilting. I started selling my quilts on Ebay about 9 months ago and now sell on both Ebay and Etsy under the moniker of “Dairyland Quilting”.

I love to work with bright bold batiks and incorporate them with traditional quilt patterns.

I work from home and an upstairs spare bedroom has become my quilting studio. I generally have 2-3 projects going at once as I like to work on different things during the week.

I hope you join me on my quilting journey as I share my quilts with you along with my thoughts on various aspects of quilting.

Talk soon!

Laura Jean Warnke

By DairylandQuilting

There is no such thing as too much fabric! Does anyone else wake up in a panic thinking they don’t have enough fabric in their stash? I do!

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