Why Buy An Unfinished Quilt Top?

Do people really buy unfinished quilt tops? Yes, indeed! Find out many of the reasons you might want to buy just the top of the quilt.

So, why wouldn’t you just buy a finished quilt and be done with everything? Not everyone thinks the same way and I thought I would share with you some possible reasons why you might want to buy a quilt top that is ready to finish.

12 Reasons To Buy An Unfinished Quilt Top

Time And Money

You don’t have to buy oodles and oodles of fabric for just one quilt. Many of you love your fabric stash, but sometimes you don’t have a particular style or genre of fabric.

There just isn’t enough hours in the day to finish all your projects! It can be quite a timesaver.Sometimes having someone else professionally piece a top for you makes all the difference of it being one step closer to done.

The Process

Some people prefer the process of quilting over the process of piecing. I have heard that some people actually get a bit nervous with the piecing process and would much rather do the quilting. The opposite is also true. Some folks stress about the quilting but love the piecing.

You may feel like coordinating all those prints, patterns, and colors isn’t your forte. They can look great on the bolt, but get them home and you wonder what to do with all those prints.

Skills and Skillset

You want to learn hand quilting and need to practice. Some of you just love hand quilting!

You might not stand the thought of any mistakes in your piecing work. If that is you, buying a quilt top already done for you can be a great way to go.

You fall in love with the colors and design. I think this is one of the best reasons to buy a top already pieced together for you. You could recreate it but will you really spend the time and money?

The quilt pattern might seem too complicated to create yourself. You might fall in love with a Mariners Compass pattern, but know you don’t have enough skills to make it properly.

You have a long arm quilting machine and need to practice. If you are getting ready to offer a professional quilting service, you might not have time to make the quilt top too!

Quality And Gifting

You want a beautiful handmade quilt and don’t know how or want to make one yourself. There are plenty of folks that love handmade but don’t have the skills or inclination to make one themselves. 

The fabric may be better quality than what you have on hand. Of course this varys, but if you see terms like “quilt shop quality” and premium fabrics along with specific brands listed, you can be reassured you are getting a quality pieced top.

You want to make a handmade gift for someone special and want to put your own personal touch into the finished item. You can personalize the backing with a special message.

Your Turn

Okay, your turn. Any other reasons you can think of? Leave a comment below.

Yes, this quilt top in the photo is currently for sale as of this posting. You can check it out here.

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